My vintage obsession

Its pretty obvious from seeing my work that I have a little bit of a fascination with all things vintage. It doesn't stop with my photography style either. I am starting to get a bit of a collection of old furniture in the house and I do listen to some pretty old school music too! Sam Cooke, The Ink Spots, even old Robert Johnson (very old school).

I was recently doing a bit of a clean out at work and came across these beautiful photo mount folders. I have worked at Kelk Photography for nearly 10 years! how is it that I'm just finding out about these beautiful folders now?? Seriously so gorgeous! Look at that textured card, the embossing and gold details! Ugh why don't they make stuff like this anymore?

I'm now on the look out for more stuff like this, so if you see something like this that I can beg borrow or buy off you please let me know.

Now just to shoot something that is worthy of the use of these folders.