529 Days


Its been 531 days since our daughter Ada was born, during those 531 days I have breast fed her for 529 of them.
It was time to move on, she is growing up and doesn't need her mothers milk any more. When I originally started breast feeding I thought I'll give it 6 months and see how we go. I had gone back to work at around 4 months and continued to pump while I was at work, so I thought I'd give it a month or so and see how we go.
It kept working so I kept going. I made the decision that 18 months would be my cut off. So here we are my nearly 18 month old is officially off the boob! I have my boobs back (or whats left of them!)

I reposed this image on Facebook the day I finished feeding, sort of a celebration I guess. I always get such a nice response to this image so thought I would show some of the behind the scenes.
It may ruin it for some but I don't care, the image was not created under the serene circumstances you may think it was. A bit like our breastfeeding journey really, with a bit of a rough start, it wasn't exactly experience I thought it was going to be. They don't tell you that babies like to pull on your hair, stick their fingers up your nose and slap you silly when they feed. Still wouldn't have changed it for the world! Just glad my body could provide for her.

It was a hot day and I had been running around trying to organize this shoot all day. By the time I had gotten into the studio I was flustered, half of my hairdo had fallen out, my boobs were full! and Ada was hungry.
I set everything up in a bit of a hurry, including my $25 backdrop from Ali-express, I just didn't care anymore, I just had to get it done. I had put too much effort in now to pull out. The day before I had picked out two outfits from Mayfair costume hire, I tried the lace dressing gown first. It was quiet musty, heavy and hot to wear! Everything was ready to go, a few tests and we would be away laughing.
That was until Ada turned her head every time the camera beeped for focus and fire off a shot!
Keep going, just keep going! Then the cable release wouldn't fire or focus after getting Ada to latch on again.  After about 40 shots I got it, it was sharp, it was done!
Then I thought I would try the other outfit too, it didn't really fit so I had to turn further around so both my boobs weren't hanging out.

I love this image and can't wait to get it hung on my wall at home. I had so many people comment on it at the Iris awards, I was so happy with my silver with distinction and everyone kept telling me it should have got gold, which is lovely to hear but I can see why it didn't, there is always room for improvement.

It will always mean so much to me this image and it seems to have touched a few other people too and that's what you want your work to do more than anything really!

Enjoy the outtakes! I've kept the reflector and cable release in them, it was pure laziness that i hadn't positioned the reflector and backdrop properly in the first place! And now I can't be bothered fixing all the images. I've left one in colour so you can see the truly horrendous colour of the backdrop. (Ive blurred some bits too as i was showing a bit more than I had intended too)