Welcome to the helm

I've been thinking about creating a website for my personal work for some time. Now feels like the right time as I have been completing more and more of my own creative work.
I recently became 'NZIPP creative portrait photographer of the year' which was a bit of a shock to be honest, I never really thought of myself as a portrait photographer I was still trying to figure out where I fit in (still am).

I've been working for Kelk Photography in Dunedin for the past 9 years. I have been very lucky to work for Kerry and Barry, they have always been so encouraging and positive, I certainly don't think my work would be where it is today without their support.

To be honest I haven't done much of my own creative work since finishing Art School, ten years ago!! (wow it really has been a long time). Joining the NZIPP in 2012 has really helped me push my work further and entering the Iris awards each year has encouraged me to keep going



So here it is, my first official blog from the helm! Its all about a fluffy little creature called Elvin. Hes the little devon rex kitten in the image I received a gold award for at the NZIPP Iris awards this year.

Our studio is right across the road from a second hand furniture store and I always keep an eye out for little trinkets etc that turn up in the window.
One lunchtime I walked past and saw the cutest little foot stool.  Just seeing that foot stool triggered an idea for a portrait. I could take a photo of my soon to be arriving kitten on that stool, maybe wearing a top hat.
So I bought it.I also found a perfectly sized
top hat and pair of glasses.

Elvin arrived and was so tiny, cute and calm! This is going to work I though!
I gave him a couple of days to settle in before scaring the crap out of him with my camera and lights.
How did I ever think I was ever going to fit that hat between those massive bat wing ears??
Cute idea but there was no way he was going to even let me try either. I had Alex try to just drop in on quickly but Elvin was far to curious about what was going on above his head.
I did how ever manage to get him perfectly on the stool and staring straight at me for a split second, just long enough to get those little whiskers perfectly sharp!!
"Got ya, you little bugger"
I knew I had a great shot of him but was blown away by how well it did. The print was distressed and printed on a very smooth fine art paper. It had the appearance of an image from yesteryear which I think gave it the edge.