Hidden Mother

Hidden Mother_Nicola_Wilhelmsen

The tittle to this blog seems to be quite appropriate for me lately as I have been hiding from this blog for some time. I had the best of intentions of posting on it regularly but my life is the busiest it been! I've recently dropped a little bit in my work hours so I'm hoping that that time can now be used on more personal projects, and this blog of course.

I haven't even gotten around to posting about my Iris awards this year. I wanted to concentrate a little on one of my entries this year 'hidden mother'. It was sort of an idea that was left over from my images last year, It has the same style and treatment. Although this time I added silver to the edges to take the distressed look even further.

It started out with myself under the sheet but ended up changing around with Alex (my husband) as Ada acted differently to each of us. I honestly can't figure out who is under the sheet in the final image, its quite hard to tell.

I had this idea ages ago I wanted to do one of these images as I have seen some quite funny ones on Pinterest. I wanted to do one where the sheet covering the 'mother' blended in with the background and flooring. So I used the same sheet for all of it, I photographed the sheet as a background (out of focus) and also as the flooring separately, then merged them into the final image with Ada. I did decide in the end to do a tighter crop so no longer needed the floor.

Its kinda creepy kinda funny which is why I like it.

It received a Silver award at the NZIPP Iris awards this year and there were no comments from the judges, but I would have loved to have know what people thought about it.
Please feel free to comment.

Here are some other images from the process.