Creative Photo Challenge 1: Make a mess

I decided to sign up for the Lindsay Adler (Creative live) 'Creative photo challenge'.
She will be posting a challenge every two weeks to make you get out and use some photography techniques that you usually wouldn't.

The first challenge was make a mess, my first attempt was not a great one, with only about a tablespoon of cornflour I was't really committing to the project (also my camera battery went flat). 

I bought a feather pillow and a piece of floral fabric from Spotlight and went home to experiment. I had no idea what to wear! but after emptying my wardrobe I found a soft grey tulle skirt and put it round my neck! that will do! I teased my hair up and chucked a few hairpins into and I was ready to go.

I decided I wanted to shoot everything on my new Olympus OMD 10 and I want to try and do all of the challenges as self portraits, I really enjoy doing self portraits. I had never tried one on the Olympus and couldn't connect both the flash trigger and cable release at the same time. I had completely forgotten that I can use my Iphone as a remote but now know for next time.

I really wasn't all that excited by my result and had rushed it all a bit. I was so stoked with the feedback I received especially from peers. Has given me a great confidence boost for the next challenge now!

If you would like to vote for my image you can do so here: Vote Just scroll down till you see my image and press on the heart. Bring on the next challenge!