Its been a while......

What a better day than international women’s day to get back into my blog.
It really has been a while.

At the end of last year I was part of an amazing women’s project where 125 Dunedin women were photographed to celebrate 125 Years of women getting the vote in New Zealand.

I took part in the project along with the wonderfully talented Sinead Jenkins. We were commissioned to take 125 environmental portraits of these amazing women who had been nominated to take part.

I had every intention of doing a blog on each and every women but have decided to share a few blogs exploring what I learnt in the process about myself and my shooting style.

I did have a little bit of a identity crisis at the beginning as I was completing the shoots in my own time away form my work at Kelk Photography. I found a sweet spot between my more creative portraits and my classic style at Kelk.

Themes kept popping up as I carried on shooting.

Reflections was one of these themes and I know Sinead photographed quite a few of her own reflection shots.

Consideration………. Contemplation………..Reflection